Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Countdown is ON!

Hi! I am excited to write because in exactly two weeks, Nikki's Magic Wand will be in the Big Apple for NY Fashion Week!!!! I can't believe that the time is almost here. The best friend/business partner and I are in overdrive, counting up business cards, Wands and postcards. We are figuring out how to e-mail huge picture files so we can have a new standing banner made. We are gathering our wardrobe choices, complete with shoes and jewelry. I even got a WHOLE new hairdo, partially because I've been working out and was starting to look like the front of Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" album, but also because I wanted a FRESH, NEW look for Fashion Week.

Let me tell you why all of this is exciting and crazy for me. First off, as I mentioned in my very first post on this blog, I never, ever had any entrepreneurial aspirations. I mean like never. ALSO, I've always been the plain, Jane girl who just made sure that her clothes were clean and matched. No real fashion savvy here. But look what has happened. A better plan was created for me, right under my nose. I had an idea that turned me into a business owner AND, in 14 days I will find myself among the most beautiful people in the world. How did THAT happen? :)

I can't wait to get to that celebrity gifting suite and see who comes through. The fact that we have an opportunity to get a Wand into a celebrity's hands and maybe, just maybe make it into their cosmetic bag is making me all jittery. :)

I promise you, you can plan out your whole life, down to the year you'll retire, when your house will be paid off, etc and then something will show up like BAM!!!!!! Nope, change of plans!

Ok, let's see what else I have to tell you. We are getting closer and closer to being featured on so please stick close to see when it's time to vote.

When we get back from NY Fashion Week, we'll have a whole strategy, a plan of action of how we intend to proceed. Do we hire a broker to talk to the big retailers on our behalf? Do we buy airtime? How will we grow our Magic Money Maker program. There is SO much to discuss and plan so it's great that the best friend/business partner and I will have the opportunity to really get down to business.

Well, that's about it for now. Short, sweet and to the point. I'm going to write again when we're about to head to NY and OF COURSE I'll be filling you in on who we saw.

Who do you want me to give an extra long hug to? :)

As always, thanks for reading and for following along with me as I chase this dream,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stylish, Fashionable Nikki's Magic Wand...

Happy August, ya'll! I know it's the 6th but I haven't chatted with you since July. Nikki's Magic Wand is moving along. We have been busy bees and I've got some updates for you.

QVC: When we last chatted, our intern had submitted us and we heard back from them. Since that time, I gave them a sample for their Quality Assurance area to review and we passed the review with flying colors. :) Next they needed an Inventor's Bio, some pics and a video, which we had to feverishly shoot so, now we're ready for the next step, being featured on and having YOU vote, so get ready!

Style Week Pittsburgh: We are a "Chic" Sponsor for this inaugural event and I attended the kick off party at Spa Jema (, which is a lovely spa in downtown Pittsburgh with amazing services. You MUST check it out. And GUESS WHAT???? The lovely Jennifer, who owns Spa Jema, is going to carry our Wands in her retail area. *Big Smile*. Style Week runs from August 7th to the 11th and I will be attending a number of the fashion, beauty events so maybe I'll see you there!

NY Fashion Week: This is only a month away (where does the time go????) so we're preparing to attend and VERY excited! As I mentioned, we will be in the celebrity gifting suite and I am very eager to see who will be there and I am claiming that we WILL make a connection with someone fabulous who will LOVE Nikki's Magic Wand so much that they will want to endorse it.

TV: I have a meeting with Tim from a local tv station here to discuss airing a commercial. That meeting is this Thursday, so I'll let you know how it goes AND I got this e-mail a few days ago:
Hi Nikki,

My girlfriend loves your product. Her mom, Myrna, sent her one...

I have been in the live TV business since 1987.

I wonder if you'd be interested in doing a two minute spot or selling on HSN or QVC. I may be able to help.  Please let me know if you're interested.

Best regards,

Can you see my Happy Dance? I read a quote today that said, " A woman who walks in purpose does not have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her."  I really, really believe that because e-mails like Tom's are coming.

I had a recent chat with our Chinese liaison, Daisy and she shared that they're in a bit of a financial crunch over there so if you (or anyone you know) need some moldmaking and/or manufacturing done, let me know and I can put you in touch with Daisy. She is great to work with and I'd love to send some work her way if possible.

Well, I think that's it for now. As always, I thank you for reading and please keep checking us out.
I promise you, we're going to BLOW UP!